Catering & Event Menu

Ordering food for a group? Planning a special event or get together? Need snacks for a party or meeting? Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner ~ Business or Pleasure ~ our Catering Menu mash-up of favorites from Piper’s Pub & The Pub Chip Shop covers it all!


All of our food and bakery items are prepared from scratch, on premise; 24 - 48 hours notice is necessary on some items and preferred on most, depending on the size of your order. All orders are available for pick-up or can be delivered, minimum is $50. Delivery options vary, ask for details! We can also handle all the paper/disposable and non-alcoholic beverages for your group, just let us know. Email for more information & we will help put together a perfect menu for your group.



We bake all of our breakfast items from scratch in our bakery. Items can be prepared without nuts in them but all bakery items are prepared in our bakery where nuts are used. 

Buttermilk Biscuits

Our breakfast specialty. Light, buttery buttermilk biscuits. Ordered by the half dozen and available in 2 sizes. With whipped Butter and Preserves/Jam.

Large ½ doz $18    Small ½ doz $12

        Biscuit Sandwiches

Our fresh baked biscuits stuffed with your choice of Ham & Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese or Fried Chicken & Cheese. Can be served individually wrapped or plattered. Ordered by ½ dozen.

                Large ½ doz $36    Small ½ doz $24

    Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet and buttery, layered with cinnamon & brown sugar and topped with sweet vanilla glaze. Ordered by ½ dozen, available in 2 sizes. 

                    Large ½ doz $15    Small ½ doz $10

    Pecan Sticky Buns

Our cinnamon rolls topped with sticky caramel pecans. Ordered by ½ doz, 

available in 2 sizes. 

                    Large ½ doz $18    Small ½ doz $12

Chip Bits

Delicious, crispy fried cake donut holes tossed in choice of cinnamon sugar, sugar or with a vanilla glaze, minimum 1 dozen per flavor. Ordered by the dozen. 

                    Dozen $6

Sausage Rolls

        Sage sausage wrapped in flaky pastry w HP Sauce. Available in 3 sizes. 

                            Lrg each $4    Med ½ doz $12     Sm doz $12    


One our Polish specialties, these rich, filled donuts are usually available around Easter...unless you order them! We make our fillings from scratch, so we can chat those when you order. Minimum order 1 dozen per filling. Requires 3 days notice. 

                            Dozen $30



Or quiche, as you may know them. Our flaky pastry crust filled with fluffy egg and your choice of fillings. Minimum of 6 per flavor. Available in 2 sizes. Order by ½ dozen.

                    Large $36        Small $24

Sausage & Cheese ~ Ham & Cheese ~ Spinach Florentine ~ Spinach & Feta

Caramelized Onion & Cheddar ~ Mushroom & Cheese ~ Bacon & Cheddar ~ Steak & Cheddar


Fresh baked and available in 2 sizes. Minimum order dozen per flavor. Minimum order 2 dozen per size. 

                            Ginormous dzn $42    Regular $18

Blueberry Streusel ~ Berries & Cream ~ Apple Cinnamon Streusel ~ Citrus Poppy Seed

Banana Walnut ~ Banana No-Nut ~ Zucchini Raisin ~ Carrot Cake


mix & match with bakery items to round out your breakfast or make up your own Break-FEAST tot buffet. Delicious either way.         

Boxty Tots perfectly poppable tots of our specialty Boxty. By the Dozen $6

Sausage Gravy house-made, country style sage sausage gravy. By the Quart $12

        Welsh Cheddar Cheese Sauce creamy white cheddar sauce. By the Quart $15

        Thai Chili ~ Ranch ~ Bloody Hot ~ Honey Mustard Sauces By the Pint $6

Scrambled Eggs By the Half Pan $15

Bacon crispy, thick cut bacon - slices or chopped up as a topping. By the Pound $10

Bangers English sausages fried crisp or crumbled as a topping. By the pound $10

Scotch Eggs crispy fried, sausage wrapped hard boiled eggs. Whole, halved or quartered with Bloody Hot or HP Sauce. Sold Individually $4 ~ whole, halved, or quartered

Muffins* blueberry lemon, strawberry cream, banana nut..we can bake your favorite flavor! Baked as ordered, minimum 1 dozen per flavor. By the dozen $12.00

Baps & Bips Baps are our fresh baked, buttery Scottish sandwich rolls. Bips are their smaller, cuter cousin. Sold by the ½ dozen Baps ½ doz $6 Bips ½ doz $3


*Not made for sale in The Shop, prepared exclusively for catering orders.


Pre-Ordered ‘Boxed’ Lunches

With this option we would work out a ‘Boxed’ Lunch menu of up to 4 options that would be pre-ordered, packaged and labeled for each person in your group. A Boxed Lunch usually consists of a Bap/Sandwich, 1 or 2 sides and a dessert, includes any necessary sauces/dressings and a high quality plasticware napkin wrap. Bottled/canned non-alcoholic beverages can also be added. Cost varies depending on menu, ask for details!


All Things Lunch, Dinner, Elevensies & Second Dinners

Finger foods and munchies to sandwiches and stews you can put together platters and trays to do snacks or a light lunch to a full dinner. 


Scotch Eggs crispy fried, sausage wrapped hard boiled eggs. Whole, halved or quartered with Bloody Hot or HP Sauce. Sold Individually $4 ~ whole, halved, or quartered  


Sausage Rolls

        Sage sausage wrapped in flaky pastry w HP Sauce. Available in 3 sizes. 

                            Lrg each $4    Med ½ doz $12     Sm doz $12

Ploughman’s Platter 

2 artisanal cheeses and our house-made country style pate with gherkins, grapes, pickled red onion, whole grain mustard and assorted crackers.

Large Platter (feeds 15-18) $48

Small Platter (feeds 7-10) $32

    Hummus & Chips

        Choice of Traditional or Roasted Red Pepper w toasted flatbread chips

                            Platter (feeds 10-12) $20

    Boxty Tots

        Perfectly poppable, crispy fried tots of our potato boxty. Ordered by the dozen.

                            Dozen - Plain $6

                            Dozen - 1 Sauce (4oz) $8

                            Dozen - 2 Sauces (4oz) $10

                            Dozen - 3 Sauces (4oz) $12

Thai Chili ~ Ranch ~ Welsh Cheddar ~ Brown Pan Gravy ~ Chicken Pan Gravy ~ Bleu Cheese

BBQ ~ Honey Mustard ~ Garlic Dill Mayo ~ Tartar ~ Cocktail ~ Baja Sauce ~ Marinara

    Seitan Wings

Our house made meat-alternative seitan fried crisp with your choice if Bloody Hot or BBQ sauce, tossed or on the side. 

                    Platter -  (feeds 6-8) $18

                    Platter w Celery, Ranch & Bleu Chs (4oz) $24

                    Platter w Celery, Vegan Ranch (4oz) $26

Baps & Bips

Baps are our fresh baked, buttery Scottish sandwich rolls. Bips are their smaller, cuter cousin. Both are equally suited to the perfect sandwich. Minimum ½ doz per sandwich. Includes all listed ingredients ~ sauce on side, lettuce & tomato by request

                    Plain Bap ½ doz $6    Plain Bip ½ doz $3

Ham & Swiss thin sliced ham & aged swiss w whole grain mustard $5/$2.5 each

    Turkey & Provolone oven roasted turkey, provolone & pesto aioli $5/$2.5

    Turkey Bacon Swiss turkey, aged swiss & crispy bacon w honey mustard $6/$3

    Corned Beef & Swiss House roasted corned beef & swiss w whole grain mustard $6/$3

    Dried Cherry & Almond Chicken Salad w provolone $6/$3

    Roast Beef & Bleu Cheese house roast beef, bleu cheese & horseradish sauce $6/3

    Smoked Salmon w cream cheese, red onion, capers, cucumber, horseradish sce $7/$3.5

    BLT crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo $6/$3

    Smoked BBQ Pork in tangy bourbon bbq sauce, served disassembled $7/$3.5

    McTavish double cheeseburger w lettuce, pickles, onion & Highlander sauce $6/$3

    Senior Bacon Cheeseburger double meat. double cheese. double bacon. $7/$3.5

    Grilled Portobello with pesto aioli, roasted red pepper & goat cheese $6/$3

    Banger & Provolone banger sausage patty w provolone & pan gravy (on side) $6/$3


Pierogies & Haluski

We hand-make traditional Polish potato & cheese pierogi, fry them crisp and serve on a bed of cabbage & noodle haluski. Ordered by the dozen pierogies paired w a quart of haluski. 5 days notice required on pierogies. Dozen $20


Sides & Extras

    Welsh Cheddar Mac & Cheese            Half Pan (feeds 12-15) $25

    Mashed Redskin Potatoes                Half Pan (feeds 12-15) $20

    Boxty Tots                        Dozen $6

    Garden Salad choice 2 dressings            Bowl (feeds 10-12) $20

    Marinated Veggie & Pasta Salad            Bowl (feeds 12-15) $24

    Potato Salad mayo or vinaigrette            Bowl (feeds 12-15) $24

    Haluski                        Half Pan (feeds 12-15) $20

    Fresh Vegetable                    Half Pan (feeds 12-15) $market

    Coleslaw Creamy, house recipe            Quart $12

    Seafood Chowder salmon, haddock, shrimp    Quart $18

    Gaelic Onion Soup w stilton croutons on side    Quart $18

    Roasted Fingerling Potatoes            Half Pan $24

    Fresh Fruit Salad w honey yogurt dip        Quart $market


Across the Pond & Specialties

We prepare all of our British Isle Specialties from scratch. All can be served hot, ready-to-eat, or cold, with instructions to be reheated later. 

**Shepherd’s Pies can be made Cottage Pies, topped w puff pastry instead of potato 

Lamb & Smoked Chestnut Shepherd’s Pie**

Our house favorite, loaded with fresh lamb, rosemary & potato topped w mashed redskin potato     Half Pan (feeds 12--10-12) $48

    Beef Shepherd’s Pie**

            Guinness Beef stew topped w mashed redskin potatoes

                            Half Pan (feed 10-12) $46

        Chicken Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie**

            Made with white wine, mushroom & root vegetables 

                            Half Pan (feeds 10-12) $46

        Seitan Shepherd’s Pie**

All of the awesome of our meat stews, none of the meat! Made with our house seitan, mushroom and root vegetables topped with vegan cauliflower smash.

                Half Pan (feeds 10-12) $46

        Bangers & Mashed

            Crisped, sliced banger sausages in whiskey onion gravy w mashed potatoes

                            Half Pan (feeds 8-10) $36

        Corned Beef & Cabbage

            Our house roasted corned beef, cabbage & onions w mashed potatoes

                    Half Pan (feeds 8-10) $36

Ham & Cabbage

    Thick sliced smoked ham, cabbage and onions w mashed potatoes

                    Half Pan (feeds 8-10) $36

Vindaloo Curry

A spicy English favorite down stateside w our specialty Vindaloo spice blend. Served with mashed potatoes.

                Chicken & Veg Curry - Half Pan (feed 8-10) $46

                Vegetable Curry - Half Pan (feeds 8-10) $38

        Guinness Beef Stew

            Our traditional beer braised sirloin beef stew

                            Half Pan (feed 10-12) $32

        Pie & Mash

Choice of Steak & Ale or Chicken & Mushroom mini-pies from The Chip Shop with gravy and mashed redskin potatoes. Ordered by the dozen.

Dozen Pies w Gravy & Mashed $54

Brisket Mac & Cheese

Our house Welsh cheddar mac & cheese, slow roasted brisket & brandied pan gravy. 

                    Half Pan (feeds 8 - 10) $42

    Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork

        Dry rubbed, slow smoked and pulled pork butt w tangy bourbon bbq sauce

                            Half Pan (feeds 10-12) $48

The Chip Shop Bakery Specialties

    Available heated, ready-to-eat, or cold, with reheat instructions.


    Savoury English Pies

English-style pressed pot pies. Available in Large (8oz) $6 or Small (4oz) $3. **Designates vegetarian item prepared in a vegan crust

Steak & Ale tender sirloin & root vegetables in an ale spiked gravy

Chicken Mushroom tender chicken, mushroom & vegetables in a dijon gravy

Mushroom Risotto** wild mushroom risotto & root vegetables

Seafood salmon, haddock & shrimp in a creamy corn shrimp gravy

Scotch fresh ground lamb & rosemary lamb stock

Chicken Tikka Masala tender chicken in a creamy masala sauce

Meatball Marinara beef, lamb & pork meatball baked w marinara & provolone

Brisket & Cheddar braised brisket, pan gravy & sharp cheddar

Broccoli & Cauliflower Au Gratin Risotto** in a creamy asiago risotto


        English ‘Hand Pies’, hand folded & stuffed w awesome. Large $7 Small $3.5

            Cornish traditional w sirloin, rutabaga & potato

            Pierogi stuffed with mashed potato, caramelized onion & cheddar

            Bacon Cheeseburger ground sirloin, bacon, cheddar cheese sauce

            Chicken Broccoli Cheddar

            Turkey & Cheese oven roasted turkey, cheddar

            Buffalo Chicken w pulled chicken, hot sauce, cheddar & onion


Sweets & Treats

    Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies min order 1 doz    Large doz $10  Small doz $5

    Scottish Shortbread Cookies  min order 1 doz         Dozen $10

    Grandma’s Apple Pie large only                Individual $5

    Chip Bits cake donut holes                    Dozen $6

    Fruit Crisp w struesel topping                Half Pan $ varies 

    Fruit Fry Pie flavors w vary                    Individually $5

    Oatmeal Raisin Cookies min order 1 doz            Large doz $10  Small doz $5

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